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December 17, ’11 – Rua

Posted on Dec 17 2011 by Chuks

Founded: 2007
Location: Dublin, Ireland.

The web has really enabled creativity in terms of how content is delivered. The first web was text based, but has long become a holy grail for rich media content and apps. Beginning with websites and apps, the area of UX (User Experience) is a field that means so much today. This space has seen tremendous growth over the past few years. This is where UX designers come in. One of the startups I have met recently that have shown some really interesting understanding of UX design is Studio Rua.

Studio Rua is a Dublin, Ireland based design studio that focuses on UX objects of any application, web or mobile. As stated earlier, UX is something that many application programmers fail to understand, but it is something that will ultimately determine if an application is useful or not. A poorly designed web or mobile app will easily be forgotten. Studio Rua started out delivering rich media content and apps to the advertising sector, but this quickly transitioned to UX focus of applications.

I met Pádraig Mannion, the founder of Studio Rua, recently in Austin during SxSW. A simple chat with Pádraig during one of Mashable’s numerous SxSW tech parties led to a several more discussions about UX design for the web. As a product person myself, we quickly established a relationship. According to Pádraig, “Studio Rua is a client focused company. We’ve never taken any investment money, and are now putting together our own apps that we feel leverage our best strengths, but also build value into our business. Our UX skills have always been on the forefront, and in the last two years have shifted from what would be cool to what would really add value to someones life. We see that as the future of our company, and the only way to build longevity into the digital world.”

You can learn more about Studio Rua by visiting the website here. Besides, if you are ever in Dublin, you can drop by the office on Baggot Street Lower. If you have engaged with Studio Rua, you can always give testimonials and feedback of their service.

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