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Startup 365

Posted on Dec 01 2010 by Chuks
All around the world, people in technology are making things happen everyday. Founders and visionaries are turning their ideas in revolutionary products and services. Each region of the world has specific issues that are being addressed by these startup companies, while others are focusing on global issues. From social media, to mobile entertainment...

December 31, ’11 – Klout

Posted on Dec 31 2011 by Chuks
Founded: 2008 Website: Location: San Francisco, California. If you are very familiar with social media, chances are you already know about Klout. If you haven’t heard about it, this is a good time to learn more. Think about it…social networks are the fastest brand and image making tools out on the web today. Hundreds of millions...

December 30, ’11 – Spotify

Posted on Dec 30 2011 by Chuks
Location: Luxembourg, LUX. The music industry is probably one of the most disrupted by tech startups. By now, most people know the story of Napster, and similar peer-to-peer sharing networks that sprung up in the late 90’s. Today, we have come a long way with music with the popularity of “cloud” computing. Spotify, is one such music...

December 29, ’11 – Memetales

Posted on Dec 29 2011 by Chuks
Founded: 2008 Website: Location: Seattle, Washington. When I think of my early childhood, I remember all the great memories I had with very loving and involved parents. Most especially, I remember how mom spent time with us on our homework, and dad always gave us reading assignments, especially over summer breaks. As a kid, I learned...

December 28, ’11 – Causecast

Posted on Dec 28 2011 by Chuks
Founded: 2007 Website: Location: Santa Monica, California All around the world, there is a renewed collective awareness about doing good and making a positive impact in the community. Before now, this used to be a topic that was picked up by influential people in entertainment, business and government. Today, with the speed at which...

December 27, ’11 – Empire Avenue

Posted on Dec 27 2011 by Chuks
Location: Edmonton, Alberta – Canada. The ubiquity of social media and web has created whole new industries. Favorite on my list is measuring your influence across the social web. There are several startups with interesting ways of measuring one’s influence.

December 26, ’11 – MingleBird

Posted on Dec 26 2011 by Chuks
Founded: 2010 Website: Location: Los Angeles, California Ever gone for an event where you did not know anyone and had to go through several minutes of deafening silence or awkward moments before the event officially started? Some people are generally great at making “ice-breakers” out of thin air, anywhere they go. Others...

December 25, ’11 – Guardly

Posted on Dec 25 2011 by Chuks
Location: Toronto, Canada. The ubiquity of mobile devices has enabled an onslaught of apps that is fast becoming the defining trend of this generation. The world of mobile apps can only be hindered by imagination. For many app developers and entrepreneurs, if you can think about a problem, there surely could be an app to solve it. What about when...

December 24, ’11 – EcoBold

Posted on Dec 24 2011 by Chuks
Location: Mountain View, California It comes without surprise that our generation has been the most destructive to mother earth. That’s my claim, but I’m sure you get the point! It’s no wonder that the green movement is snowballing all around the world, particularly in the developed world. Many people today will pay slightly more...

December 23, ’11 – EndoMondo

Posted on Dec 23 2011 by Chuks
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark Many people will agree that in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, sports and exercising are musts. However, with our busy lifestyles, staying motivated to working out can sometimes be difficult. The best way to keep motivated in sports is to have the support of family, friends and colleagues. In other words, keeping...

December 22, ’11 – Chirply

Posted on Dec 22 2011 by Chuks
Location: San Francisco, California Crowdsourcing is becoming an everyday trend across several industries. it is now common for companies and organizations to look to their wide audience to source for talents for their projects. In some cases, important decisions are left to the audience to make for products and services. Chirply uses this model to...
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